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Rogoznica is a small town at the end of North Dalmatia.

This former fishing village is now a well-known tourist destination. The old town center is located on the island connected to the mainland by a bridge and is still very isolated from the rest of the world.

The mainland of Rogoznica consists of family houses, villas and apartments with private beaches which can be a great choice for your holiday. Book an apartment with a pool or a house for your family holiday and convince yourself in the beauty that Rogoznica offers. Get away from the everyday hassle of life and Visit Rogoznica!

Rogoznica is located 35 km from Sibenik and 55 km from Split.

If you are arriving by car take the local road after turning from Adriatic main road (M2, E65). After exiting the highway in Sibenik follow the directions to Primosten or Trogir.

The airport in Split is situated 28 km from Rogoznica. Rogoznica is known as the safest harbor on this part of the Adriatic, so it is safe to berth small and large boats. Marina "Frapa" with 300 berths is one of most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic.

If you are not arriving by private boat but still wish to arrive by sea we recommend ferry lines that connect Ancona with the cities of Split and Zadar that have great regular bus lines to Rogoznica.

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Restaurants in Rogoznica

In Rogoznica You can find local restaurants which offer special dishes of the region, such as: Dalmatian prosciutto with olives, young lamb cooked with vegetables, fish stew, brodetto Dalmatian style with cornmeal, risotto with sea fruits, codfish and dry mrkac a la goulash, manestra di verdura (vegetable soup) with dry meat, zubatac fish boiled Dalmatian style, mackrel and sardines grilled with olive oil, young roasted lamb “pod pekom”, Dalmatian przolica with mangel, pasticada with njoki, crostuli Dalmatian style, sour cherry cake, rosata, frituli...

Restaurants which we recommend in Rogoznica:

Restaurant Antonio – located in the old town center of Rogoznica and specialist for seafood (fish, scampi, crabs, shellfish and mollusks).

Restaurant Fortuna – located near our travel agency. Try special pizza named „Rogoznica“ (very piquant pizza with scampi, parsley, garlic and olive oil)

Restaurant Siesta - located near Marina Frapa and often is yachtsmen choice for dinner.

Restaurant Atrium – also located near Marina Frapa and specialist for meat dishes, but you can also order a fish.

With sounds of Dalmatian music enjoy rich choice of Dalmatian cuisine. Specialties from fish, shells, meat and wine of our climate.

Market in Rogoznica

Rogoznica has one marketplace to which the rural homesteads bring their fresh produce. The market is open at 6 am and some bench are open until 10 pm. Rogoznica is a little fisherman's village so you can buy fresh fish each day. In the morning you can buy fish on the market or on the fishing boat in the evening.

Nightlife in Rogoznica

Have a great time in numerous cafe bars like "Zmajevo oko" (which is famous for its cocktail bar) and private restaurants with the best fish menu. During summer time many amusing and cultural parties are organized and the most famous one is traditional Fishermen's night. For all night long party, we recommend the most popular discotheque in Dalmatia "Aurora" in nearby village Primosten, just 5-10 min from Rogoznica.

Aurora - The discotheque working season is from May to September each year, and holds a capacity of 5000 people. It is one of Croatia’s largest and most famous discotheques, meeting point for thousands of young people who arrive from all over Croatia, Europe and other parts of the world! Aurora has two different levels: including 3 dance floors, 6 bars, open air dance floor, trendy ’chill-out’ lounge room with: cocktail bar, pizzeria, steak house, billiards and best chill out music in the region...

Beaches in Rogoznica

Well developed shore of Rogoznica region has very different kinds of beaches – pebble, stone, and concrete. Natural stone beach prevails and also little pebble beaches in front of the houses.

Don't miss

In Rogoznica be sure to visit: the salt lake "The Eye of the Dragon", the beautiful yacht harbor Marina Frapa, the small chapel Virgin Mary and the parish church. Or you can also make a full day tour to the national parks Krka waterfalls, Kornati islands and Plitvice lakes, or take a trip to the historic towns of Split, Šibenik, Trogir, and Dubrovnik.

The Parish Church

The parish church in Rogoznica was built in 1615. Church is located in the old town center on top of the village from from which you can enjoy a panoramic view. During the summer season, holy masses are held every Sunday at 10 am, and everyone is welcome. The most popular ceremony is held on 2nd July when the picture of the Virgin Mary is taken to the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The picture remains in the parish church until the first Sunday after Our Lady of Carmel, when it is returned in the estive procession by land and sea to its sanctuary on the Gradina Cape. A hundred boats and thousands of pilgrims participate in the procession.

Chapel Virgin Mary and Virgin Mary's ship

On the peninsula of Gradina is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Chapel, patron of the Rogoznica people and harbor. This is connected to the legend about the miraculous painting found by the fisherman Ivan M. Bogovcic Tumburko. In 1772 a fisherman went out fishing, near the Gradine cape, and saw an extraordinary light. When he approached the rock where the light shone, he found a picture of the Virgin Mary. The fisherman took the picture and placed it into a treasure chest in his house but the picture of the Virgin Mary returned to the place where he had found it in an unexplainable way, and that action was repeated three times. Soon after, the inhabitants of the village Rogoznica, together with the local priest, started to build a chapel on that rock. The ceremony is held on 2nd July on the Petrovcica. The picture is taken by the ship, in the company of a priest and young girls dressed in white, to the Caparinova waterfront. There, the picture is welcomed by the Bishop accompanied by many priests and believers. From the Caparinova waterfront starts a procession which then goes along the Rogoznica waterfront, and the picture of the Virgin Mary is taken to the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The picture remains in the parish church until the first Sunday after Our Lady of Karmela, when it returned in festive procession by land and sea to its sanctuary on the Gradina Cape. A hundred boats and thousands of pilgrims participate in the procession. Many of pilgrims walk without shoes. In 1887. there was an epidemic of black measles and up to 40 people died daily. The local priest gathered the believers and they went barefoot on a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, begging her for mercy. From that day people in Rogoznica stopped dying.

Dragon's Eye

The lake Dragon's Eye with the sea water is also located at the Gradina peninsula. The lake is considered to be a natural bioreactor with biochemical processes. Irregular in shape, measuring approximately 10,000 m², the lake is surrounded by vertical cliffs height of 4 to 24 meters above sea level. The bottom of the lake is sediment with a maximum depth of 15 meters near the middle of the lake. People in Rogoznica believe in the legend of the dragon and the brothers who had a fertile field at the site of the lake and yields supposed to be fairly shared. One of the brothers was blind and warned his brother to be fair in future. Otherwise, if he cheats, the land will be invaded, the field will sink into the water and out of the water will jump the dragon that will devour him. But the brother didn't listen and the curse was realized. The dragon swallowed a dishonest brother. Since then, the dragon settled in the lake and its breath poisoned the creatures in it. When the lake changes its color, people call it 'awakening of the dragon'. The inhabitants of Rogoznica swim in the lake, the kids jump from the rocks, and some believe that the lake has beneficial effects on health. Be sure to visit it and take a jump if you like.

Marina Frapa

Marina Frapa is one of the most beautiful marinas in Croatia. It is situated in the Rogoznica, the central part of the Croatian coast. Marina has 400 berths and numerous facilities. In Marina, you can also find a swimming pool, tennis court, squash, bowling, table tennis and sauna.

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  • Above average 4
    Couple Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
    Rogoznica is a turistic place, with big port. There are many restaurants and bars, place perfect for walking near the sea and enjoying later evening atmosphere.
    Rogoznica is not a place to choose if you want spent your holiday on the beach, there are few beaches, full of people. Croatia offers many of better beaches..on my opinion :) Also Rogoznica is not the cheapest place.
  • Very good 3.8
    Family Netherlands
    A little bit dissapointed
    It was a nice village. But we read in on the internet and everything looked really nice. But when we arrived it was a little disappointing. Tourism is just starting a bit so you should not expect much from it. In the area, trogir and split are really recommended to go to. Eating out in rogoznica is really nice and certainly not expensive. Despite the small setback, it is certainly a pleasant Town.
  • Excellent 5
    Family Ireland
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